About Us


Every story has a beginning. Discover how Lee Rick began and grew into a pop culture design house of creative enamel pin design and artistry. Where to get enamel pins? You found it!

“Say my name. Say my name” – Destiny’s Child

The company name, Lee Rick, was created f rom the word ‘Lyric ( Lyric)’; whoop there it is! Often people mistaken the name for a person but you can tell others “The T (truth)”. With the visionary founder, the business name was inspired by the movement of words in music as it’s makes all of us feel some kind of way!

“Started from the bottom. Now we’re here.”
– Drake

It all began with a passion to a create another avenue to express personal style. Drawing from inspiration for the love of pop music, street fashion, and a connection with extraordinary urban artists, set the stage for enamel pins. 

From the moment Lee Rick was launched as a pop culture enamel pin company in 2017, it was clear that urban style was going to continue to take the internet by storm!

“Dream a little Dream”
– Doris Day

Behind every dream is the dreamer. Lee Rick’s visionary founder, created urban style pin as we know it and established the pins as a cool way that speaks to your personality and urban style. 

Lee Rick understood that style had a confidence effect on people. It was then designed the reputation when the collection was curated to help you have “Kanye Attitude With Drake Feelings”.

"Got Style and Grace”
– Biggie Small

The best thing about Lee Rick pins, created for stylish collectors like you, is that they’re onesize-fits-all. It’s gender neutral, no size restrictions, and is effortless to style with hats, jackets, bags or anything. 

So anyone can easily curate a distictive collection. From your favourite pop culture slogan to musical artist pin design, there’s something for everyone!

D E S I G N E R   N OT E S

There are many designers but only a few who designs it well. Lee Rick’s passion for creative work has contribute countless ways of inspired design and artistry. These in house talented designers were selected by Lee Rick for their creative vision and cool ideas. Where to put enamel pins? Style your outfit with pins on your jacket, hat, bags and shoes, etc.